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Squirrel Removal in the Macon, Georgia Area

Young squirrels removed from a house.

Young squirrels removed from a house.

There are many species of squirrels. In fact, they have their own taxonomic family, Sciuridae, which includes all squirrels.

Only two squirrels are commonly encountered as nuisance animals in buildings in the Macon, Georgia are: the Eastern gray squirrel (which we'll talk about on this page), and the flying squirrel. Two additional species, the red squirrel and the fox squirrel, are much less common but are encountered occasionally; and once in a very great while, chipmunks (who are also squirrels) may get into a house, usually in the basement or crawl space.

Gray squirrels are not always gray. There's a lot of color variation. A lot of them are reddish-brown, some are gray and brown, and we've even come across jet black or pure white squirrels. The official name is still gray squirrel, however, to avoid confusion with the other species. So if you hear our technician referring to your reddish-brown squirrels as gray squirrels, no, he's not color-blind. There's just a lot of variation in color among "gray" squirrels.

In nature, gray squirrels usually live in hollow trees. They're tree-dwellers by nature, only coming to the ground to find nuts, bury them, and retrieve them after they've been buried. This is part of the squirrel's job in nature: They're responsible for planting a lot of trees by burying the nuts, which are seeds. You might call them nature's arborists.

Squirrels as Pests

Technically, squirrels are not pests. They're nuisance animals. There's a legal difference, one of the implications of which is that squirrels cannot be poisoned and killed like rats and mice. So if you come across a "squirrel exterminator" who proposes poisoning the squirrels, that person is breaking the law. They're also not doing you any favors because not only would the dead squirrels stink up your house, but without proper exclusion, there would be nothing to stop new squirrels from moving in.

And move in they will, and here's why. Remember a few minutes ago we said that squirrels in nature live in hollow trees? Well, as a result of human expansion into what used to be the sole domain of wild critters, hollow trees are getting hard to find, and the rent for a decent hollow tree has gone way up. As a result, many squirrels have been forced to find new homes elsewhere; and the attics of human homes are considered primo real estate among squirrels. Keeping squirrels out of your attic is therefore both necessary and challenging.

Now one would think that the squirrels would be so appreciative about finding a nice, clean, warm attic in which to spend the cooler months that they'd be grateful and show their gratitude by taking good care of the place. But they don't. They make a mess of it. They tear up the insulation, gnaw on whatever has been been stored up there, damage the ductwork, and and poop and pee all over the place. Even worse, if they start gnawing on wires -- which they often do -- they can start a fire. Thousands of homes are lost to fire this way every year.

Aside from just making a mess of the place, the squirrels' filthy habits create health hazards from their urine, droppings, and shed parasites. They also cause odor problems, which like the disease organisms, can get into the living area of the home -- especially if you have air-conditioning or heating equipment in the attic.

Long story short, when squirrels get into your home, they must be removed.

Squirrel Removal

Infrared photo of a squirrel in the attic of a house in Georgia.

We have top-secret, newfangled, stealth, night-vision cameras to help solve difficult squirrel problems.

When squirrels get into your home, they need to be removed. Not only that, but the damage they caused needs to be fixed, the mess they created needs to be cleaned up, and all the ways that squirrels can get back in need to be found and sealed. Your home needs to be made squirrel-proof, with every possible gap sealed up so squirrels can't get inside the house. This is called squirrel exclusion, it's absolutely necessary, and it's why you need a professional animal control company to do the work for you.

There are several reasons for this. First of all, very few people have a true understanding and appreciation for exactly how resourceful squirrels can be. They can get into hole and gaps that most handymen don't even know to look for. And as for roofers... well, if roofers knew how to seal squirrels out of houses, then your house would already be squirrel-proof and you wouldn't need us.

Secondly, properly sealing squirrels and other animals out of buildings requires a lot of specialized equipment including long ladders, scaffolding, cherry pickers, and sometimes even infrared night-vision cameras. We have all that stuff and more. That's because we're North Georgia's biggest and most-experienced animal control company. No squirrel control job is too big or too small for us.

We also clean up after the squirrels, which may include removing their droppings and nests, disinfecting and sanitizing the area, neutralizing odors, applying insecticides for parasites, if needed, and optionally, replacing contaminated insulation. We'll leave your home clean, squirrel-free, and squirrel-proof. We guarantee it.

If you have a problem with squirrels, please call us for a professional inspection and remediation consultation. Easy financing is available for qualified customers.

Squirrel Removal Gallery

Here are pictures of squirrel removal work we've done in the Macon area.

We have the tools and personnel to handle any squirrel control job, so please call us today. We look forward to your call.


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Squirrels gnawed through a clothes dryer duct and got into the attic of a house in Americus, Georgia. Technicians from our Macon office are replacing the dryer duct and the outside vent as part of a comprehensive squirrel removal and exclusion job.
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The rain doesn’t scare the animals away! If you’ve noticed one taking shelter in your home, give us a call!
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Jun 07, 2021 07:24:17 pm.

One of our technicians removed what appear to be orphaned grey squirrels from the attic of a house in Columbus, Georgia. Their mother is nowhere to be found after several days of foster care, so we're turning the youngsters over to a wildlife rehabilitator.
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One of our Macon-area squirrel-removal tames is relocating a family of squirrels that they removed from the attic of a house in Columbus, Georgia. The mama squirrel was caught in one trap, and all the youngsters in another. They're being relocated as a family.
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A crew from our Macon office is humanely trapping, removing, and relocating squirrels from the attic of a house in Columbus, Georgia. They're also repairing the damage the squirrels did to the house, and animal-proofing the roof to prevent future animal problems in the attic.
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A homeowner caught a squirrel red-pawed in the process of gnawing a hole through the soffit and into the attic of their Albany, Georgia home. We have a crew on the way to catch and relocate the squirrels, repair the damage, and squirrel proof the house.
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Out and about in LaGrange Ga on snake calls. Give us a call for a free quote today.
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Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Our Macon office has technicians repairing squirrel damage in the roof of a house in Albany, Georgia. They're also trapping and relocating the squirrels that are already in the attic, and animal-proofing the whole house to prevent future wildlife issues.
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May 07, 2021 09:57:00 am.

A crew of technicians are using their carpentry skills today, repairing water and squirrel damage to the roof of a house in Albany, Georgia. They're also trapping and removing the squirrels, and animal-proofing the roof to prevent future problems.
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May 06, 2021 10:45:29 am.

We're starting a squirrel-relocation job at a house in Macon, Georgia today. The squirrels will be humanely caught and removed from the attic and released in the woods. Then we'll squirrel-proof the roof to prevent future problems.
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May 05, 2021 09:34:17 am.

One of our Macon-area squirrel-control crews is just about finished squirrel-proofing the roof of a house in Valdosta, Georgia. The squirrels have already been removed from the attic and relocated to their new home in the forest.
by Webmaster
May 04, 2021 11:01:16 am.

We have an interesting squirrel-removal job at a commercial building in Albany, Georgia. We'll be squirrel-proofing a smokestack that the squirrels have been using to get into the building, as well as trapping and relocating the existing squirrels.
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May 04, 2021 10:44:43 am.

A squirrel-removal crew from our Macon-area office is sealing gaps in the roof of a very old house in Columbus, Georgia to keep squirrels from getting into the attic. They're also trapping and relocating the existing squirrels.
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